Fostering C ultural & C ommunity Growth

Who We Are

The North Alexander School Association (locally known as "NASA") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Washington, Georgia. Formed in 1990, NASA is restoring and will operate the historic 1897 North Alexander School as a regional, education and cultural center.

Our Mission

To provide cultural, educational and economic opportunities in the historic North Alexander School for citizens of Washington-Wilkes and surrounding communities.

Our Vision

To build a community of enlightened and involved citizens interested in building meaningful relationships with one another and developing personally and professionally, thereby helping make Washington-Wilkes County a place of opportunity and self-actualization for all.

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2015 Objectives

School Building

  • Develop specific design plans for the building


  • Build cultural and educational programs

Fund Raising

  • Implement a capital campaign
  • Enhance existing donation programs

Community Outreach

  • Improve website and social media capabilities
  • Improve public communications and relations
  • Increase the number of NASA members and supporters
  • Expand volunteer and support network


  • Strengthen administrative and financial capabilities

2015 Board of Directors

  • Henry Harris, Chair
  • Linda Chesnut, Vice President
  • Debbie Barnett, Treasurer
  • Douglas Abramson, Secretary
  • Douglas Babb
  • Steve Blackmon
  • Kathy Boardman